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By , on March 21st, 2012

A Christian Spring?

Last year was a remarkable year for the so-called Arab Spring in the Middle East. Seemingly from out of nowhere, thousands upon thousands of people united to have their voices heard and to oust tyrannical leaders. A seemingly invisible force drew them out of their homes and into the streets decrying injustice and tyranny. And in some measure they succeeded in achieving their aims. Their voices were heard, though action was admittedly very limited.

But where is the Christian Spring? Today’s generation of Christians is generally marked by passivity, by a lack of fervor and zeal for the cause of the Lord God of hosts. Where are the Christians of today uniting for the holiness of God to be established in our land? Where are the Christians today who are mourning the backslidden or persecuted state of the Church, the Bride of Christ, the one whom He loves and for which He laid down His life? Where are the Christians crying out against the injustice done to millions of human lives in the holocaust of abortion and euthanasia? Where are the Christians decrying the poor stewardship of our government leading to crippling debt for our children? And what shall we say of Christians standing up for morality? But should we turn to the Tea Party movement for our solution? Should we turn to our elected representatives, crying out to them for help? Should we picket and protest and lobby? Should we trust in the Constitution? Certainly these things are part of the solution, but only a small part because the problems of our day transcend the economy, politics, morality, and the Constitution. The chief problem lies in the fact that we have coldly turned our backs on God; we have left His Word and turned to idol worship; most of us live as if God does not exist though we would blush to admit that (Rom. 1:18-26).

So what is the solution? A Christian Spring of Christians uniting to pray and prostrate themselves before God. The source of a Christian Spring does not lie in the power or wisdom of princes, but in the Lord God omnipotent, Who reigns and rules the world from His throne. We are called as Christians, not to run rampant in the streets, but to run to our prayer closets, to our prayer meetings and prostrate ourselves pleading for God to remember mercy in the midst of His descending wrath (Hab. 3:1-2; Rom.1:18). The solution lies in our repentance before God, of turning from the blight that rests upon Western society – its materialism, relativism, tolerance, sensuality and godlessness. We are not untouched by these things and we are called to repent of them. The solution lies in returning to the foundation of the Word of God and His charter for humanity found in the Law, fanning the flames of zeal in our hearts and lives for His holiness. The solution lies in the redeeming power of the cross of Jesus Christ for us, our children, and our sinful society.

History proves that the solution lies in God. This is what Josiah learned (2 Kings 22). This is what Nehemiah and Ezra found out (Ezra 9-10; Neh. 1, 8). This is what Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and the prophets learned. This is what Peter and the apostles learned at Pentecost. This is what countless others have learned whom God has used to bring revival. Reformation and revival comes from the sovereign hand of God, but will we not unite as Christians for a Christian Spring, rising up as one to beseech God to work, crying out, “It is time for thee, LORD, to work: for they have made void thy law” (Ps. 119:126)? It is time to prostrate ourselves before King Jesus and plead for the outpouring of His Spirit once more, solely for His glory! The Arab Spring was only limited in its effects, but who can tell what God can do through a Christian Spring?

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